Changes should be done gradually

Hastiness in making a complete change without the conviction that one should gradually work towards that change and make reformations in stages or partial reformation, is contrary to divine tradition. Therefore, we must take these divine ways into account when we are setting our vision.

m munajjid


Do not pay attention to what people say

Al-Alwzaa’i said: Stick to the texts coming from the Salaf (righteous predecessors), even if others refuse to accept you (due to adhering to them) and beware of those who act based on the opinion of men, even if they try to decorate these opinions. The confusion will eventually finish while you remain upon the right path.

Islamic parenting: Dua

From the things that cause Muslim parents much heartache & fear , is seeing their child/ren deliberately throwing away their deen/iman for the dunya, disposing of the knowledge they had been raised with ,for what their nafs desire. Only Allah can guide them back to Him for He holds their hearts between His fingers..let us as parents never GIVE UP on duaa just as Allah didn’t give up on us when we were ignorant & lost. Ameen


‏من سوء ظن الإنسان بالله تمنّي أن ينقل مرض محبوبه إليه، أو يأخذ من عمره ويعطيه، فالله غني لا تنقصه أيام لزيادة الإعمار ولا أماكن لنقل الأمراض .

Sh Tarefe

Seeking repentance from Allah.

Ibn Taymiyya “The secret of being a strong person is relying on Allāh, and with istighfaar does a person not only gain forgiveness but has punishment driven away.”

Then he recited “And Allāh will not punish them whilst they are seeking forgiveness”.

‏وَمَا كَانَ الله مُعَذبهم وَهُمْ يَسْتغفرون

The poppy.

Question: Some Muslim clerics are encouraging the wearing of the poppy. What do you think regarding this?

Answer: WW1 was a war of colonial powers that did not have the interest of humanity. The soldiers that were conscripted by the ruling elite were fodder for them. These unjust wars should not be romanticised. I remember one Tv host wearing a poppy telling a British African that slavery happened a long time ago and black people should get over it. There are no memorials held for the tens of millions who died during slavery and colonialism. Those wars were unjust just like the wars today. So I totally disagree with clerics encouraging Muslims to wear the poppy as it is hypocritical. My grandad fought in WW2 in Burma but I never celebrate this as he told me he was treated inferior to the British whites and he was not proud of having killed Japanese people for the colonial elite.