Fitnahs (tribulations) do not multiply except with ingratitude for blessings; this is the Sunnah (way) of Allah with nations.

لا تكثر الفتن إلا مع كفران النِّعم، فهذه سنّة الله في الأُمم

Sh Tarefe


Personal preferences vs what your creator wants.

Those who use ease and personal preference as rulers to measure the correctness of scholarly opinions on a given matter is like a person who uses the sweetness of a medicine to measure the correctness of the doctor’s prescription.

The medicine that your body needs isn’t always sweet-tasting ..

And the Paradise that you crave will always be an uphill struggle ..

حُفت النار بالشهوات وحفت الجنة بالمكاره

“The hell fire is surrounded by desires, and paradise is surrounded by hardships.” – Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

This isn’t to say that one must always opt for the toughest of the two opinions. It simply means that you are to completely remove your own inclinations, upbringing, societal pressure or your ‘talents’ from the equation when making that decision, as you ask:

‘What does Allah want from me?’
‘Will this decision bring me the maximum happiness on the Day of Reckoning?’

Ali Hammuda